Month: January 2006

Textmode window manager

Remember Borland’s Turbo C++ lovely windows ? Would you use it as your window manager ?

This week I had the strangest need… Coming home on lab’s bus I turned on my notebook and was configuring initrd to show me just a plain 1024×768 console without graphics because I just wanted to edit some code on my way home. Of course I ended up just configuring my bootsplash resolution and initrd image but the first thing that poped up in my mind was exactly Turbo C++ lovely windows…

I mean, I could use Motor, from Konstantin (btw, a great Turbo C++ like IDE) but that’s not all about… Imagine you, opening curses windows for console, vim, tailing files, links ? Imagine you, configuring a background of green matrix letters, comming down in light and dark green, a window with ‘cal’ output and a digital clock just above, another window, backgrounded playing ‘cdp’ or ‘mp3blaster’, wouldn’t it be wonderful ?

There is (or rather was) one, called “wm” (for Window Manager, that simple) but was written ages ago and I’m trying to port it (or re-write) to modern Linux. Stay tuned.