Month: March 2006

UPS and the end of the world

Talking to a friend, Marcao, we agreed that the quantum physics have a real world example of the macro-scale Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: UPS.

If UPS delivery your packet on time, it’ll be on the other side of the globe. If it happens to get to it’s destiny, it’ll be near the end of the universe (in time, not in space).

We also achieved a new dimension on uncertainty principle: the packet it self! If, for any yet unknown reason, UPS manages to deliver the packet on time and at the right place, it won’t be you packet!!

We also achieved the macro-scale non-locality: if you received the wrong packet, some one got the wrong packet as well. When you have interference on the same slitted entity, one change to the left on A will change to the right on B, so, if you received the cheaper packet, you’re sad and who received the more expensive packet is happy! See? Isn’t that obvious ?

So, I’d like to call your help to open a foundation: “Let’s keep UPS the way it is”. You could think it’s bad but I’m thinking about the safety of the world, check it out:

If UPS, as it is the quantum macro-scale proof of everything we have discovered in the past century, for some et unknown reason be able to deliver the right packet, at the right time and to the right person, the whole universe could collapse into a singularity and die, or he could prove quantum physics to be wrong, thus producing an even bigger chaos on earth.

So, earth or the universe, doesn’t matter, we are earthlings, we don’t care, right ? As all ends lead to the completely destruction of the human race, please, join me on this effort to keep the world safe!!

Live search

After working for Yahoo you start to look at search engines in a different way…

You probably noticed microsoft’s new Live search with some nice new concepts on web search interface, but nothing really revolutionary.

I’m not the best person to talk about any MS products so please check also what slashdot is talking about it

Anyway, I have some impressions myself:

Search features:
– Couldn’t find image search, what’s something really important for search engines these days.
– News search is poor, worst than yahoo (images) and google (images and categories).
– the idea of adding searches and feeds to “my live” is very old and much more flexible on google (ig) and yahoo (my).
– No image, video, shopping, business, local, maps, nothing…

– Web results are fine but still worse than google and yahoo
– scientific results are crap (perceptron, alpha helix, drosophila melanogaster, dna sequencing, etc)
– technical results are crap (acpi linux, sql server, windows, DBI, STL, rsync, etc)

– Nice to have all-in-one page and also nice to use home/pgup/pgdn buttons and mouse scroll on the result page, but also it’s bad because it’s not searchable.
– The sponsored matches tool is funny, it changes when you scroll down the page
– The verbose level gauge is cool
– Add to doesn’t work, you have to click on the plus signal
– A reload on any page will lead you to the home page, that erally sucks.
– Ajax is cool, but would not make the tool cool just by itself! It needs more content!

In a nutshell, it’s just like all stuff microsoft does: it’s a beautiful way of doing not so well the same thing others are already doing very well. And, of course, a big marketing budget to make people believe it really is a new revolutionary thing.