Month: November 2007

Fancy a world cup in 2014? Think again…

It’s not the first time now will be the last and I’m pretty sure this is how the stadiums will be in 2014.

Brazil just don’t have time, money and will to change the whole sports, transport, safety and tourism infrastructure by 2014. If infrastructure can take seconds to destroy and years to rebuild, what happens with an infrastructure that is being destroyed over the last 500 years?

I rather stay home…

The good excuse

In a meeting, it was said that the new database machine is 25% slower than the (very) old one. Despite the contradiction in almost every aspect of that fact, the DBAs still want to migrate everything. The outraged developers cry a loud “what?! why on earth??”, the DBA explains:

The whole industry is using these machines and those standard configurations and all of them are using slower databases, you should get used to it too.

What an argument! If every one is jumping off of the bridge, why shouldn’t I?