Month: January 2008

Who’s the amateur now?

Long way ago, when I started using Linux, lots of people laughed at me: “What an absurd! You have to compile your own kernel, what do they want with that? They’ll get nowhere!”. Well, things have changed a bit in the last decade and Linux grew up as a very mature, modern and user-friendly operating system as we (not them) all expected.

OS companies didn’t believe at start but with time Linux became a nuisance, than a problem and now it’s real competition. Not only Linux (or rather GNU/Linux) but all free software and all the free licenses like GPL, FreeBSD, CC, etc. Linux is real business, it’s more stable, faster, better designed and change so much faster than any other OS in existence both for security patches and new features. Lots of companies today contribute to free software without charge or restrictions, just because we gave them so much without charge or restrictions (and it turns out as profit too!).

But last year something I wasn’t expecting happened… The biggest OS company for the last 15 years did a move so stupid that I couldn’t believe. Windows Vista was not an operating system, it was a joke, a *very bad joke* indeed. It reminded me the first upgrades of the first Linux distros back in 94, it was a nightmare.

Well, seems like the free software community learnt a lot about deployment, user interfaces, quality assurance, software development strategies. On the other hand, Microsoft seems a bit amateurish when trying to fix the previous mistakes. Every round it gets worse, I wonder where the good programmers they use to have are now…

Well, better for us, Ubuntu seems to be the new OS of choice for many previous Windows users and with recent Microsoft moves it may become more and more often… Luckily they’ll force everyone out of XP (the last minimally decent thing they did) as they did to Win2000 (the only reasonably decent thing they did) and people will migrate to Ubuntu instead of Vista… Let’s see the outcome by next year…