Month: February 2008

Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re our only hope…

After Yahoo! rejecting MS offer and all the fuzz about Yahoo! takeover now Yahoo! itself is breaking apart

No wonder the shareholders are mad, Yahoo! has been falling to pieces since Google got into scene and now with the $31 / share offer when it was barely holding it self above $20 the shareholders saw all the return for their investment happening in a very short time, what might be the last chance they have to see any money back at all.

So here’s a bit of futurology:

David Filo moves to Hawaii, shareholders sue Jerry Yang and he’ll end up very poor on his own Caribbean island, Yahoo! is bought by Microsoft by half the price (after the lawsuits there will be few left) and the shareholders will be very happy to, at least, get some money back.

All FreeBSD / Apache / PHP will be converted to Windows 2003 Server / .NET / C# and Yahoo! services will be even worse than they used to be, Microsoft will take the users and force them to start using Google services (no one likes to eat crap anyway) and Google will be the last hope of the Internet.

Fortunately Google is by far more efficient than Microsoft and Yahoo! together (it’s not that hard anyway) and it’ll be piece of cake to take them both down while still holding their hats with the other hand. I just hope Google doesn’t try to dominate the world as Microsoft is attempting for decades, they probably know by now that it’s like reaching the speed of light, the bigger you are the more energy you need to increase speed.

Microsoft and Yahoo! will still exists for a loooong time and Google will have a bit of competition for a while, at least until the “next-Google(tm)” shows up and put all three in the sack “with a wave of her hand(tm)” and the cycle will start all over again.

Let’s hope for the best, whatever that is…

True wisdom from randomness

You can live a whole life and remain stupid but a stupid program using a pseudo-random number generator and a clever algorithm (Markov’s chain) can excel us quite easily:

  • Input: The GNU GPL license
  • Output:

    “GNU General Public License along with you add to sue for details.”

  • Input: man perl
  • Output:

    “PERL (higher numbers usually being affected by wraparound).”

  • Input: My own wiki
  • Output:

    “Bioinformatics is a physicist (definitions of enforcing standards but it puts wrong things can build complex information systems and nothing is totally unacceptable for every new piece of giving generic answers.”